2 Ball Pool

Welcome to 2 ball pool.  This game is very similar to Snooker or “Billiards” as you have 3 balls on the table and no pockets like a traditional pool game.  The object of this game is to hit the cue ball (white ball) into the blue ball and have it hit the black ball.  Each time you accomplish this you will get a point, but you only have a limited amount of time to hit as many balls as you can.  It’s important to take care of where you leave the cue ball after each shot, to ensure that you have a good next shot.  It’s very easy to snooker yourself and then you have no way to get the blue ball into the black ball for your next attempt.

Game Instructions:

Use your mouse and place it on the cue ball.  You will see the pool cue appear and a dotted line that extends out onto the pool table from the cue ball.  This is the direction the ball will travel once you press the left mouse button.  You can also use the mouse to increase or decrease the power of your shot.  The farther out the little dots are spread the more power you will have.  Narrow the dots to decrease the power.  You have 90 seconds from your initial shot, so be quick.  Have fun playing 2 ball pool.