3D Pool

Welcome to 3D Pool by Shockwave. We just added this game and we’re sure it’s going to be one of the most popular pool games on the site.  It’s you versus a friend or against the computer in this realistic game of 8 ball.  Be sure to judge your angles and power properly if you hope to beat Pear E Whites (the lame computer player).  You also can adjust your view angle and set the English on the ball for sidespin and backspin.

Game Instructions:

  • Game Type:  In this version only 8 ball is available, but if you download the full game you have many other game types you can enjoy
  • Click the larger set of arrows to select how many players will be playing the pool game.  One Player, Two Players or Tournament
  • Click the player name section to enter the name you want to show on the screen
  • Click on the small arrows to set the skill level of the computer (1 player games only)
  • Use your mouse to move around the table.
  • When you’re lined up, click on the cue, and pull it back towards you until the power meter lights up to the level you want.  The farther you pull back, the more power you’ll hit the shot with.
  • To set the English and spin of the cue ball, adjust the meter on the left.
  • Zoom will get you in for a closer view of your shot.

Have fun playing 3D pool.