8 Ball Champ

If you like playing a challenging game of 8 ball, then 8 Ball Champion is the game for you.  Enjoy realistic table and ball conditions and make difficult shots look easy in this fun 8 ball simulation.  Be sure to use the proper amount of power and english to ease the balls into the pockets.

Game Instructions:

  • Start the game by selecting the pool cue you want to use
  • To break, use your mouse to place the cue ball where you want to break from.
  • Click on the cue and hold, then pull away from the cue ball to get power for your shot
  • Use the mouse to aim where you want to hit the object ball
  • When you’re satisfied with the power and aim, release the mouse to take your shot.
  • When you’re lined up, click on the cue, and pull it back towards you until the power meter lights up to the level you want.  The farther you pull back, the more power you’ll hit the shot with.
  • Pocket all of the solids or stripes & the 8 ball to win the game