Battle Pool

Welcome to multiplayer warfare on the Lightning Pool tables. Can you level-up to General of the Army?

The objective of Battle Pool is simple – clear your table faster than your opponent. Create a character and head to the lobby where you can start a new battle or join an existing one. You start as a Private, but win a few battles and you’ll soon rise through the ranks.

Each player starts with 3 balls on their table – you are green, your opponent red. Every time you pot a ball it will appear on your opponent’s table and vice-versa. Pot all of your balls, leaving your opponent with 6 balls on their table, and the battle is won. Speed, accuracy and calm under pressure are a must. Missing an easy shot could be the difference between winning and losing.
If the battle is still raging after regulation time, extra time begins. Pot the balls remaining on your table faster than your opponent to win.  Enjoy this crazy pool game.