Quick Shooting Pool

Quick Shooting Pool is for pool players who want to play a fast game and don’t have time to mess around. The objective of this game is to pot as many balls as you can before time runs out. When you are down to one ball, a new rack of 14 more balls will appear for you to pocket. For each ball potted in Rack 1, you get 10 bonus seconds. In rack 2 you get 9 bonus seconds, Rack 3, 8 seconds and so on. Potting the white ball at any time will result in a 30 second penalty. 100 points are awarded for every ball you pot. For every 5 consecutive pots, your score multiplier goes up to 0.5 to a max of 4.0. If you miss a pot or pot the white ball, the score multiplier goes down to 0.5

Game Instructions:

  • When the game begins, use your mouse to place the white circle on the ball you want to hit
  • Once you’re aligned the way you want, press the mouse button and hold.
  • While holding the mouse button, pull back toward the cue ball. ┬áThis will power up your shot.
  • Release the mouse button to take your shot.
  • You have 2 minutes to pocket as many balls as you can.
  • You need to hit a lot of balls in, but accuracy is important too, so make sure you have your shots lined up properly…but do it fast.